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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saltwater Cowboys - A Restaurant

Recommended by a friend who went there 12 years ago, I was eager to try place. I arrived about a half hour before it opened, at 5 PM. It started to rain and thunder and the staff let us in early. The place has a great vibe inside. Steam bent pine (?) furniture and cool decorations.My waitress, Katrina, was very prompt and very nice.I decided to with the broiled Talapia stuffed along with baked beans and cheese bread and iced tea. I had heard about the salad dressing and I was not disappointed. Actually brought a quart jar home. The fish was brought in hot and really quick. It struck me as having been filleted, stuffed and frozen and then shipped to the restaurant. It was actually very good, but its texture was not what I expected from fresh. The bake beans were good, but not memorable. Katrina could not have been nicer. I asked several employees about the rumored long lines. They said that during the peak season, July and August, there could be a wait of about 45 minutes to an hour. But they serve drinks through a wind on the outside deck. I went a little before opening and in June and actually went back a few days later and there were no lines. So go early and not in the middle of the season if you can. Great interior and a wonderful view of the salt marsh. Probably can be a little buggy in line near sunset. It's a marsh after all. Plan your visit and be just a little patient. The food and the service doesn't disappoint. Great place

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