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Friday, April 3, 2015

Islamorada Fish Company in Dania Beach Florida

I used to live in the Keys, so fresh seafood and it's kin are almost second nature to me. The restaurant is attached to the Outdoor World store which makes it convenient for shopping and for parking.

The restaurant is decorated in typical fish house kitsch, stuffed fish, lanterns, life buoys and the such. There is also a large saltwater aquarium on premises.

The menu is varied enough to cover most tastes including a small sushi section, if you're so inclined.

I ordered the dolphin with teriyaki sauce, bread, and the choice of home made potato salad.

As I waited, a couple with two small children came in and though there had to be at least 100 other places to seat them, one of the hostesses seated them directly behind me. Every restaurant I've been to has this really annoying habit of piling everyone on top of each other. The only place that didn't was the Bonefish Grill. I understand when it gets busy, they may not have any choice, but don't put them at the next table just because it's convenient. Some of us like a little peace and quite while we eat.Fortunately, the children were well behaved and we all ate in peace.

The dolphin arrived and looked very good and tasted even better. The teriyaki sauce was a little much, but I bet you could order it on the side. The fish was cooked to perfection, the potato salad was tasty and the bread loaf was wonderful.

Service was provided by a young man named Jeffery and he was great, there when I needed him but not intrusive and he had a sense of humor when I made suggestions about what we could do with the children, who, like I said, were very well behaved, unlike me most times.

I ordered the key lime pie, which came in a bowl. A well sized portion to be sure, but slightly disappointing. The whipped cream topping was light and flavorful, the crust nice but the custard filling, the part that is supposed to be the key lime part, had hardly any key lime taste at all. The custard was creamy and smooth and if it had been more flavorful, it would have been perfect.

Overall, a very enjoyable experience. I arrived at 11:45 AM and the place filled with the lunch crowd before I finished, but I didn't see anyone waiting long for their orders.

Good food, great service and overall, a very satisfying experience

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